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Mar 30, 2018 | Beer Review

We recently received a great review from
Beer Blogger Darryl Owen aka


Hoptown Lager
Style: lager
4.2% ABV /unkn IBUs
Hoptown Beer Making Company
Stellenbosch, South Africa .

WHAT THEY SAY: rich, characterful, pale lager, with considerable malt and hop character and a long, rounded finish. Complex yet well balanced and refreshing. At Hoptown we specialize in crafting beers and creating memories. Our brewery was built on years of friendship, laughter and drinking beer around the world. Only ex best ingredients are used to bring you the perfect pour. Create new memories and join our community.

WHAT I SAY: hadn’t heard of these guys before but I can say that I was impressed with the branding. A textured label is always a winner in my books. If you take the time to make your label standout, people will believe your product is a standout as well. On the pour, a clear golden colour with visible streaming carbonation. 2 fingers of white head, slow fade with excellent retention and lacing. Some big bubbles here. Aroma wise, this one was mild to me with hints of bready/crackery malts and a touch of floral and citric hop presence. Flavour wise, malt dominant with a big bready/crackery bite up front that lasts, slowly fading away towards the end. Caramel and a light grassyness up front as well that fades mid mouth. A bit of citrus pokes through mid mouth but is immediately taken over by a mild grassy bitterness which quickly fades at the finish. A nice dry medium bodied lager. I’m not going to lie, I do like my malt dominate beers, and Hoptown Lager fits that bill nicely for me. If your looking to try a more malt dominant beer, you can’t go wrong with this one.


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