About Us

only the best is good enough!

We are always striving to make beers more and more
the way we like it and the way you like it

Coffee Bean


We only use the freshest ingredients to make our beers. Sourcing our base malts from local farmers and importing our specialty grains and hops to ensure a unique taste.

Coffee Bean


We use Wild Clover’s world-class Italian manufactured microbrewery. We pasteurize with utmost care not to affect flavour but purely to extend the shelf life of our beers.

Coffee Bean


We love how different hops give us different taste profiles for our beers. We focus on finding the right hop varietal and blend them to give us a range of flavours from spicy to fruity.

Hoptown started off as a home brewery in 2014. As avid beer drinkers and socialisers we wanted a beer to suit our taste and mood. We spent 2 years tinkering around with ingredients and recipes until we found the perfect blend. By that time our beers had became a staple at all social gatherings and before long we were being asked to attend local beer markets. Its quite a feeling to see your beers being enjoyed by so many.


Our mission is to create craft beers of the highest quality available at the right price. Using our secret recipe and our own ingredients we brew using Wild Clover’s top of the range equipment which ensures our beers stay fresh and cold. We are now stocked in a variety of stores across the Western Cape and are expanding nationwide. We specialize in American-styled beers offering a Lager, India Pale Ale, Shandy and an India Pale Ale (Non-Alcoholic) in both 340ml and 30L kegs for those special occasions.

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